A Travel Camera: Fujifilm X70

We’re fans of Fujifilm’s take on the premium compact camera market, obviously, and as the title of our sites indicates, for pro use. While we maybe fascinated by the X-Pro2 and the shots we get from it, there’s depth in FujiFilm’s line, and that includes the X70.

Last week, writing for Resource Magazine, Anthony Thurston reviewed the X70 and considers it an ideal camera for travel

For me, the X70 is a perfect travel/day cam for any photographer who wants DSLR quality in their pocket. The X70 produces IQ on par with what it’s APS-C X-Trans siblings produce making it one of the best compacts currently available. It is the perfect traveling companion, and can actually fit in a pocket (as long as you aren’t in skinny jeans). So long as you are comfortable with a fixed 28mm equivalent lens, or zooming with your feet, you will be very satisfied with what you can accomplish with the X70.

And, agreed…a fixed-lens camera is ideal for travel; especially, one with that famous Fujifilm image quality.

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