Alain M. Tests the X-Pro2

On Medium and in French, a review of the X-Pro2. Load it in Google and then agree to the translation to read another take on a popular camera. While the translations maybe not be 100% accurate, it’s good to see images from another country, and aesthetics

image side, I am reassured: they are rich and detailed, despite the presence of an APS-C sensor (sensor smaller than full size). Having shooter usually do that through my lens, I found the idea fun shooter mode with its off-axis optical viewfinder, pushing me to see and compose my photos differently.For its part, the focus selector largely fulfills its mission. It allows you to choose exactly where you want to make its development very simply. The button is located at the back of the case and is dedicated to this task. Rather than a focus and recompose, this solution ensures net be every time. There are 77 default defined checkpoints but it is possible to extend the function to 243 points. It’s impressive but it’s too much for a user like me since it would only slow down the development. Finally, I do not fault either the ISO. On paper, the unit can rise up to 51 200 ISO and can grow up to ISO 6400 without ending up with a dripping image.

Alain is saying, I was concerned about the cropped sensor compared to full frame, but it worked great.

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