Fuji X100T VS X100S – 9 Key Differences – Alik Griffin

As an owner of the original Fujifilm X100 and a tester of the X100S, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the pros and cons of Fuji’s groundbreaking compact camera system. The “S” brought a number of refinements and speed improvements—some of which that weren’t as refined or improved as Fuji claimed—and much improved image quality.

The Fuji X100T left a lot of owners of the X100S scratching their heads. What would be the advantages for them in upgrading from the mighty X100S to a new X100T model?

Alik Griffin, on his excellent website has posted an articled called Fuji X100T VS X100S – 9 Key Differences, and it’s a must-read for anyone shopping for an X100T, or considering trading in their X100S.

You should jump over and read the whole article, but here his bullet point topics so you know the main advantages he discusses.

1. Focus Speed and Accuracy

2. Improved EVF / LCD Refresh Rate

3. Classic Chrome Is Awesome

4. Built-In Wifi

5. More Responsive UI

6. Improved Button Layout and Design

7. Added Aperture Stops

8. Expanded Exposure Compensation

9. More Manual Focus Assist Settings

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