Fujifilm Instax Sets Records

While theX-Pro2 maybe the darling of media coverage of late, including us, the real sales star is the Instax camera. According to WSJ,  an analog revival among young buyers is the reason. We noticed this ourselves, looking at trends on Amazon, and found the best-selling film and camera included the Instax.

“We aim to sell at least 6.5 million instax cameras next fiscal year,” Go Miyazaki, director in charge of Fujifilm’s photo imaging-products division, said in an interview.

This despite a market shrinkage of nearly 19% resulting from smartphones with cameras built in. Launching in ’98 and selling a millions units, Instax nearly died when Kodak did, but resurged in 2007, and has grown exponentially ever since. Urban Outfitters sells more Instax than T-shirts and jeans. Even for digital photographers, the nostalgia for film’s unique character isn’t lost or the fun of shaking it like a polaroid picture. And, I’d get the one in pink too.

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