Fujifilm X-Pro2 Field Test

Imaging Resource published their Fuji X-Pro2 field test and are as impressed as all the other reviewers, including us.

Four years in the making, the X-Pro2 brings weather sealing to the line along with a new imaging pipeline, redesigned rear controls and reported improvements in autofocus, among other new features. Also notable of these are reported improvements to the X-Pro1’s hybrid viewfinder.

They also share the criticisms, which include the lack of a titling LCD.

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 also sports an upgraded LCD. It’s an excellent unit, but top-notch LCD displays are pretty much a given in advanced cameras today. Although I had no problem with the quality of the LCD in my shooting, I was always a bit frustrated that it does not tilt. That’s just a personal preference — many photographers don’t care about tilting LCDs — but I really like shooting waist-level style, so it’s a big drawback for me. I’ve found that a fixed LCD is less of a handicap for “hail-mary” overhead shots, however, and I made several shots I liked using the X-Pro2 that way in a Chinatown park on one of my walks.

They didn’t seem to have the issues with fiddlieness that I did, but 2 slots for SD cards makes up for that, right?  Sure. And they appreciate the hybrid view as well. Part 1 of their field test doesn’t include a recommendation or conclusions, but expect it’s a buy now for $1,699.00.

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