Fujifilm X-Pro2 is Fast

Imaging Resource published part 2 of the X-Pro2 field test and determined that Fujifilm’s flagship is, “A fast performer in almost every way.”

My general opinion is that the X-Pro2 is definitely a credible performer for autofocusing on moving subjects. That said, I’ve used pro-level SLR cameras that gave me higher hit rates on similar subjects, and I did not test the X-Pro2 on the truly difficult AF subjects like multi-player sports, especially the ones that are played indoors (i.e. basketball, hockey etc.) I think it’s a safe to say that the X-Pro2 is not really designed for photographers who shoot a ton of sports anyway, and its very decent C-AF performance would be more than satisfactory for me and my general walkaround people and street shooting.

Where the X-Pro2 didn’t do so well is

The problem is that the AF-L button, which you must use for activating autofocus in the back-button setup, is flush with the camera body. I just couldn’t find it by feel, even after several days of trying to get used to it, and this made back-button AF so frustrating that I ended up turning it off and going back to conventional shutter-release AF.

And, agreed, part of why as much as we loved the X-Pro2, we found it fiddly and initially frustrating to use. We also agree with their conclusions and for fans of Fujifilm it’s an obvious upgrade from the first X-Pro rev. The delivery shot above was capture in a flash…..

All-in-all, the Fujifilm X-Pro2 really fulfills the promise of the X-Pro1, offering a unique viewfinder experience, professional controls, a compact system and high build quality in a camera with no real performance shortcomings.

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