By now you maybe wondering what’s the difference between the X-T2 and the X-Pro2? Shutterbug wondered that too, and asked FUJIFILM

The Fuji X-T2 slots alongside the X-Pro2, as twin flagship cameras in Fufifilm’s X-Series lineup, with the major difference between the two models being style: the X-Pro2 is more of a rangefinder-style camera, while the X-T2 looks more like a traditional SLR, a Fujifilm USA spokesperson told Shutterbug.

Shutterbug and Digital Photo Pro will attend the media event tonight in NYC, while we see the X-T2 in a couple weeks here in Seattle. For more early reactions to the latest from FUJIFILM, also see this report from The Verge, who had a factory sample.

And my, are there a lot of focus points. The X-T2 gives you 325 individual AF points to choose from, with 49 of them covering the center phase detect. Fujiifilm claims the X-T2’s processor allows it to refocus more frequently, improving its ability to predict what you’re trying to focus on. I didn’t really notice any big difference there, but I did appreciate some other updates: the X-T2 now accepts two SD cards, has a much more convenient 3.5mm mic input, and connects over USB 3.0. The eye cup is wider, so it’s a little better for people with glasses (me) and cuts out more light. And the locking mechanism for the top dials has also changed. When you push the small black circles, they’ll rise up a little bit and unlock. Move the dial to where you want it, push again, and it locks in place.

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