Fujifilm X70 Reviewed by Wired

THE NEW FUJIFILM X70 compact camera was announced at the same time as the larger and more powerful X-Pro2. I reviewed that X-Pro2 last month, and it’s truly excellent. But looking at both cameras born on that same day, in many ways it’s the smaller, less expensive, and less “pro” X70 that’s the more interesting camera.

Starts the review from Wired and counties with much praise, and a rating of 8 out of 10. What Wired liked and didn’t


Amazing image quality coupled with a small and lightweight design make the X70 an excellent travel camera. Powerful manual focus modes make is a great street photography camera, even though it lacks a viewfinder. The articulated LCD touchscreen helps, making it good for shooting from the hip. At $700, the X70 offers a lot of camera for not a lot of dough.


Physical buttons are difficult to push. Video recording is often marred by lens noises. The 28mm lens, while compact, is not for everyone.

Just finished shooting with the X-Pro2, haven’t demo’d the X70 yet, but will soon. The X70 sells for$ 699.99 on Amazon.

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