FUJIFILM XT-2 Sample Photos


It was like a scene from Mozart in the Jungle…in Pioneer Square, a few blocks from Amazon, actually.

The FUJIFILM XT-2 is a camera you can bring wherever you like, one that hovers between the consumer/pro designation with a feature set and performance previously only available in DSLRS. As I shared in my Sony lens story for Shutterbug, we’re on the brink — a seismic change in the photography business of a magnitude that hasn’t happened since cameras shipped from Japan with autofocus 30 years ago.


If you tune into what’s happening between Sony and FUJIFILM, they’re pushing each other to market, and not looking over their shoulder at Canon and Nikon. They’re like Apple and Microsoft or Elon and the electric car business. By doing so, they’re also fashioning a creative, nervous tension that’s resonating with journalists, photographers, and even the more casual consumers of cameras. The photo 12 pounds of gear would deliver, is now deliverable with less than half the weight, and all the image quality.


In a Pioneer Square Alley

During a warm pleasant sort of a night, wonderfully cool for the season, with a sunshine after a storm, we were stuffed inside an event meeting space, located in the former Elliott Bay Books building. I asked the ballerinas to join us outside in the alleyway where shafts of light dropped in as the clouds cleared. While I chatted with FUJIFILM execs, learning more about their flagship camera, Kevin Tamura took photos.

And, from a Pioneer Square alleyway shoot where Klondike Gold Rushers once blew their earnings and so did the dotcommers after them, splendid masterpieces in art colors.


I asked Kevin what his first impressions of the XT-2 are. He replied:

Reminded me of an old film camera, easy to get into just taking frames , great ergonomics, fast as all get out, joystick is genius

Getting Crazy with Ballerinas

For the more technically minded, see the specs on FUJIFILM’s site…all Kevin and I needed to know, and I suggest you do too, is that the camera produced good photos in the very short amount of time we spent with it.

Very good photos and the XT-2 is a camera we can shoot wherever we like.


Photo: @veekster who also attended the event.

The FUJIFILM XT-2 will ship in October from Amazon for $1599.00. If you’re considering it, get on the preorder list, as it’ll sell out.


@aikaslovecloset modeled for us.

The photos in this story, except where noted, were taken by Kevin Tamura and with a preproduction camera.

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