Fujinon Teleconverter

The new Fujinon Teleconverter XF2X TC WR is the second teleconverter Fujifilm has added to the lineup, following the 1.4x from earlier this year. Both teleconverters extend select XF lenses.

The new 2x teleconverter and the 1.4x are only compatible with XF 50-140mm and the 100-400mm. Paired to the 50-140mm, the 2x teleconverter will produce a field-of-view equivalent to that of a 100-240mm lens (or a full-frame equivalent of 150-360mm) at f/5.6 aperture, while producing a 200-800mm f/9-11 FOV when paired with the 100-400mm.

Fuji film states that the 2x teleconverter is constructed of nine elements in five groups, and is able to double the effective reach while maintaining the optical performance of the original lens. Impressive stuff for a camera company known for outstanding image quality.

Phase-detect autofocus capability is maintained with the 50-140mm and the 2x teleconverter, while the AF is listed to contrast detect with the  100-400mm.

The XF2X TC costs $449.00 from Amazon and so does the XF1.4x TC

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