Hasselblad X1D Launches


Got this nice pic yesterday with the Canon 1DXII. I’m shooting with for a Bike Hugger and Digital Photo Mag story, but I’m sure the X1D could take a better picture….(snark).

After a leak, the news is out, and a take on it from our friends at Shutterbug.

Weighing just over 1.5 pounds (725 grams), the Hasselblad X1D is fitted with a 50MP CMOS medium format sensor, which the company says delivers “up to 14 stops of dynamic range.” Hasselblad has also launched a new line of dedicated XCD autofocus lenses (45mm f/3.5 and 90mm f/3.2 lenses available at launch) for the X1D mirrorless camera, which offer a range of shutter speeds and full flash sync at up to 1/2000th of second.

Perry Oosting, Hasselblad’s CEO said. “This camera makes medium format photography available to a new generation of Hasselblad users, while pushing the existing limits of photography to new heights.”

Indeed! Snark aside, we’ll have more analysis, and posts as the photos come in from this new mirrorless medium format camera. It could be another game changer in the market.

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