Honest Fuji X-T1 Review – Epic Mirrorless

After twenty-thousand frames you start to get a feeling for a camera. That’s why the honest Fuji X-T1 review at is so refreshing. Many reviews simply glow about a camera system and gloss over the weaknesses, but anyone that shoots with a camera, really shoots with a camera knows that nothing is perfect. Epic’s Vlad has put the X-T1 through its paces and while he raves about things like image quality and the build of the body, he’s got some nits to pick with the system.

but I think the greatest “weakness” of this camera is the 16mp, which for 2014-2015 is pretty low. If Fuji could develop a 24mp or higher sensor to take advantage of those amazing lenses I would switch back to Fuji in a heartbeat. And the rumors are that they in fact are doing just that with theXPRO2. 😉 Keep in mind the current sensor. although refined and improved, is very similar to the Xpro 1 dating back to March 2012. It’s time for an upgrade.

Vlad seemed most happy with the EVF and the handling of the camera (except with long lenses) and the great WiFi controls.

The Fuji X-T1 is a remarkable camera. It’s a romantic, photographers camera longing for a time past, yet still maintaining bleeding edge technology. I can’t recommend to everyone however, simply due to its price and poor video quality. If those two factors don’t influence your purchase decision, then the X-T1 is an amazing stills camera and system with style, grace, quality and innovation.

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