Ken Rockwell is Unimpressed with the X-Pro2

Where Ken’s reviews are helpful in providing extensive details, he seems to be once again trolling a topic; we never met, but maybe it’s all sarcastic? Don’t know, but accept Ken’s writing as entertaining clickbait then sure, but not anything serious from a photographer that bumps the saturation up on everything to lurid. And, watermarks stock photos from the manufacture, as if they’re his.

The best use of the X-Pro2 is shooting in RAW and then on-board processing it or getting all slidery in post. As I shared in my notes on the X-Pro2, it’s fiddly, and requires you to delve into the Fujifilm’s aesthetic. For every magic shot I got, there were 10 out of focus ones.

It is good however for a review to not be totally in love with the EFV—of the multiple modes, the one with the little screen on the bottom is where I left it. Before I sent the X-Pro2, I still hadn’t mastered the AF….

Here’s a fav shot of mine.

After stating this

I’m not impressed with the X-Pro2. Its Auto-Area AF system works so poorly so I have to assign AF points manually, it won’t focus well in very dark conditions, and its EVF is poor because it’s often too dark or too bright.

Ken lists theses bullet points.


  • Superior all-metal construction.
  • Produced domestically in Japan.
  • Almost all the buttons are on the right, so it’s easy to shoot with only one hand.
  • Great skin tones in any light.
  • Super-sharp sensor.
  • AF areas cover most of the sensor.
  • Direct, dedicated shutter, exposure mode, compensation, ISO and often aperture dials.
  • Has a silent electronic shutter mode, and even the standard mechanical shutter mode is quiet and refined.
  •  Wi-Fi.



  • Crummy electronic viewfinder by 2016 standards; Sony has left Fuji in the dirt. It’s sharp, but this Fuji’s EVF is usually too bright or too dark to see well.
  • Surprisingly poor low-light autofocus. Would have been OK in 2005, but you can’t focus on people when it gets dim in a restaurant without an AF illuminator. Most other cameras, even the Sony RX10 Mk III, have no problem with this today.
  • Unusable Auto AF-Area selection. You have to select an AF sensor manually; otherwise in Auto AF-Area mode the X-Pro2 rarely finds the subject and usually focuses on the background! The Fuji X100T is far better here; I have no idea how Fujifilm could have screwed this up.
  • Obtuse menu and control system. Even the most basic settings like the clock or formatting are hidden at MENU > Wrench > USER SETTING > Date/Time. Screen brightness is at MENU > Wrench > Screen Setup. Good luck trying to find anything unless you shoot every day.

The durability of that construction allows me to forgive the limits of the AF and recommend the camera for X-Pro2 fans. Get to know it, and it’ll reward you.

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