On Assignment at WPPI with an X-Pro2

The following text is excerpted from my Digital Photo Pro story about WPPI and includes my hands-on and first impressions of the FujiFilm X-Pro2.

Mid stroll through the exhibition hall at WPPI, I wondered aloud about the mood. I haven’t walked a Vegas tradeshow floor and felt such positive energy since the height of the dot com bubble. Overhearing my conversation with another journalist about the positive vibe of the show, an exhibitor interjected, ”this show is about enthusiastic photographers trying to figure out how to increase their business and skills.”

The infectious mood was contagious to the vendors too, and we met many who had great new products and updates to show us. I started the show on the good foot too because the editor of DPP handed me a FujiFilm X-Pro 2. Most of the shots I took with it are in B/W because of the terrible halogens overhead and so many people were pale and red-eyed from travel, the perfumed and smokey casino air, and late-night partying.

That camera, in the WPPI setting, was a social lubricant. Photographers noticed I had one, and asked to try it, or at least (and I’m not making this up) touch it. Of course I let them shoot a few stills, and shared my initial response that I better understood why FujiFilm shooters are so devoted to their cameras. You can develop a certain film look with the extensive settings, and get emotionally attached because the camera engages your creativity, and enables an expression of your world view. We had several bodies to choose from during the trip (DPP editor davidjschloss used the Pentax K-1 and a Leica Monochrom, for example), but I kept wanting to see what the X-Pro2 could and would do, like the motion blur from this random attendee in the food court, Jason Groupp on an escalator, or a portrait of a puppy who plopped herself down at my feet while shooting on the Strip. That friendly puppy punctuated the week, as much as any other moment, because I’ve never had a sweet experience like that in 20 odd years I’ve been on the tech beat in Vegas. Finding a world-weary and too-many-tradeshows fatigued journalist isn’t unusual in Vegas, but a moment that innocent certainly is.

The list of our favorite WPPI products is presented in no particular order and includes the new FujiFilm X-Pro2. Click through to see the rest of what I liked and the photos not included in the article are shared here in a gallery and on Flickr.

Excerpted from my story at www.digitalphotopro.com and of course, I’ll more with the X-Pro2 next here. If interested in the latest pro, compact camera from FujiFilm, it’s shipping now from Amazon for $1699.00.

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