Shooting a Bicycle with the X-Pro2

Finished up my time with the X-Pro2shooting a beautiful Italian bicycle for Bike Hugger Magazine. The story about the Wilier Triestina GTR Team Disc will appear in the 35th issue, later this month, along with my posts about Fujifilm’s flagship camera. If I were to sum up the camera in a hashtag on twitter, it’d be #fiddly, and #jpegmagical even #fujilicious. It was all the buttons and dials to switch and change on the body that had me frustrated at first, and then the onboard film simulations left me saying, “oh, wow.” Even exclaiming, “That Fujifilm color, right?” Because the camera’s intent is to simulate film,  I shot mostly in ACROS mode. As Fujifilm describes it

The FUJIFILM X-Pro2 features the new ACROS Film Simulation mode. Its features include smoother gradation, deep blacks and beautiful textures. Ultra high-quality monochrome images are possible, adding extra creativity to the general monochrome mode.

and the results speak for themselves with shapes and form in the photo of the Wilier.

That @fujifilm_northamerica color, right? #xpro2 #velviavivid

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The best impression the X-Pro2 made on me though, is how tough it is. You can’t say that about its competitors in the premium, compact camera market. The anodization on the body flakes off, I saw that when using another demo camera in Vegas. Not a big deal, I like products I use frequently to develop a patina, but being careful, I didn’t over tighten the Spider Holster pin. The pin loosened up with repeated quick draws from the holster, and eventually separated from the camera, and much to my horror, it fell off my hip. I picked it up, brushed it off, booted it up, and took another thousand frames. I was more shook up then the X-Pro2.


When all cameras in this price range are good, great even, it comes down to what you like to do—your preferences, brands that appeal to you, and with the X-Pro2, the durability is absolutely remarkable. That it’s weather sealed is even better. After the hip drop, I nicknamed the camera, Lil Tank and found it even more endearing. And, despite my early frustration figuring out how to get the posts images out of it.

See this look on my friend Randy’s face…and his hands? As I was saying, the Fujifilm is fiddly.


I’ll cover the rest of what I learned in more blog posts.  ‘Till then, another couple frames from Lil Tank. Oh, and I don’t wear cameras around my neck anymore, but will always remember to check that the Spider Holster pin is tight!



A new bike and camera arrive at Hugga HQ and its sprinttime.

A new bike and camera arrive at Hugga HQ and its spring time.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Body Professional Mirrorless Camera (Black)

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