Street Photography With The X Series

The Fuji X series is a great camera system for street photography thanks to its small size, unassuming vintage look and excellent optics. Gary Pelmutter at the site Fujilove.com details why the Fuji X series is so great for street photography.

Perlmutter, who is a professional wedding photographer loves street photography because it fuels his “passion.” He’s tried every small camera on the market but has landed on the Fuji X series.

In my experience, it’s the Fuji X range that has finally nailed it for me. You could say that the Olympus OM range also fits the bill, the E-M1 for example. For many they do, but not for me as it’s micro four thirds sensor is smaller that the Fuji’s (see below) and after all, this article has been written for the FujiLove website!

He goes into depth on his site as to why he loves the X-series, but these are his touch points.

  • Fast autofocus
  • Inconspicuous looks and size
  • Eye-level viewfinder
  • Tilting LCD screen
  • High ISO quality
  • Easily accessible setting adjustment
  • Good-sized sensor
  • 35mm equivalent lens

You can also follow Pelmutter on his website.

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