Suddenly a Wedding Photographer with X-Pro2

The families of the bride and groom shushed the crowd of strangers over the PA, repeatedly. We were at a party in Vegas, a wedding photographer show, and a marriage was the entertainment—for real, this couple got hitched with at corporate party. Of all the random things I’ve seen in Vegas, this event had the most randomness. There were conference attendees, family, friends, strangers, hangers on, and pro photographers with the latest gear. Like the Pentax K-1, X-Pro2, Leica Monochrome and Sony Rx1rII we had with us.

So…when in Rome, right? Oh and a FujiFilm rep just handed me the camera that morning. The results are the rich color you want from a FujiFilm camera, and considering the shooting was from a dance floor, I’m happy, and encouraged by the results. Even more impressive were the images from the trade show and I’ll share those next. As to the settings, without much time to play around, I picked standard PROVIA, and auto mode.

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