Using Available Light With The Fuji X-T1 – Tutorial Video

This beautiful video from instructor Damien Lovegrove is an except from his full tutorial video, which was created in conjunction with Fujifilm. For this fifteen-minute-long except Damien Lovegrove ventures into a gloomy cellar to take some dramatic portraits using available light with the Fuji X-T1. The resulting images shot in a widely-variable lighting scene are pretty amazing and it shows how the dynamic range of the X-T1 can handle such an extreme environment.

In the full instructional tutorial Damien Lovegrove shows you how he lights and captures portraits on location using a combination of speedlights, big flash and available ambient light. Learn how Damien moulds the shape, amount and direction of light using softboxes, panel reflectors, stands, boom arms, curtains and umbrellas. You will also be shown how Damien chooses his camera and flash settings (shutter speed, ISO, aperture, flash power etc.).

As with all Lovegrove video productions you’ll also be able to see how Damien interacts with his models and carefully directs every element in the creation of his shots.

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