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Why The Mirrorless Revolution Matters –

Since I started shooting with mirrorless camera gear, I’ve had a lot of pros ask me why mirrorless is important. Even with my mirrorless gear, they point out, I still own top end DSLR equipment, so why should I care about mirrorless systems. That’a a great question and I talk a lot about the benefits of moving away from a system of moving parts, about integrating the autofocus technology onto the sensor of the camera and about reducing the overall size and shape of a camera.

For a longer look at why the mirrorless revolution matters, turn to this article. In it Adam Crawford details his experiences with mirrorless, going back to the original Panasonic G1, the first real production mirrorless system, and how terrible it felt. If this was the future of mirrorless, mirrorless felt like it was going to be a gimmick.

Of course mirrorless has come a long way and plenty of professionals have turned to mirrorless cameras for their daily work for clients. The small size and light weight of the systems are just one reason that people turn to mirrorless, but the possibility for future technological advances are the main reason.

This excellent article looks at why the mirrorless revolution matters, and why today’s mirrorless cameras will someday look as basic and as simplistic as a 1960’s film camera.

That distinction between DSLR and the mirrorless camera seems to be shoring up, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are as good or better than a DSLR. But as technology always does, they will one day equal each other until the law of diminishing returns puts a kibosh on improvements that can be made. We can see that the arguments that mirrorless cameras aren’t as good as a DSLR is getting smaller, but DSLRs are still the better camera for the professional today.

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