X-Pro2: Love and Want this Camera

It’s with this selfie, I figured out what the FujiFilm X-Pro2 is about. I was getting used to the camera, the AF, metering, and how it shoots. Missed lots of shots with a few gems, and had been admittedly frustrated because it wasn’t quite working for me. Then these two Delta attendants arrive at the soccer game we were watching and he says, “That’s a nice camera, let me see that.” “Sure,” and a few seconds later this selfie shot.

Turns out I was overthinking the camera, trying to review it, flipping settings, and switches instead of just shooting. After the selfie, the camera made the rounds around the room. Everyone that took a turn with it said, “I love and WANT this camera.”


I’m sure FujiFilm has studied their market and determined the camera’s intent. Their design goals and product planning must include evoking rangefinder emotions. That retro design reminds us of a camera our parents or grandparents had. Then to see an image render faster than a Instamatic completes the photographic experience.


If there was ever an aspirational, step-up camera to take better photos with, it has to be the X-Pro2, at $1699 for the body and $1999 with a kit lens. Walk into a room with one and you’ll get what I mean. I don’t know, or haven’t demoed any other camera that causes such a reaction, it’s like a handheld photo booth with people wanting to get in on the action, and laugh like we did during 1/2 time of the game.

Now to take some professional photos knowing it’s a pro, compact camera that’s also lots of fun. To see more images from the X-Pro2, as their taken, read my story for Digital Photo Pro about a wedding photographer trade show, and follow us on Instagram.

Since it was launched earlier this month, the reviews are getting published; including, from Wired who also found that if you’re into the rangefinder aesthetic, and take the time to learn the camera’s quirks, the results are magical.


To see more images from the X-Pro2, read my story for Digital Photo Pro about a wedding photographer trade show and follow us on Instagram.

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