X-Pro2: Passion before Practicality

The Verge reviews the X-Pro2 and the author declares it his favorite cameras. Once I accepted how the Fujifilm’s flagship worked best and shot with for an assignment, I was into it too, but my new fav? More time is needed to make that big of a declaration.

Fujifilm’s new X-Pro2 is a tough camera to review by any ordinary metric — it’s an exotic tool that defies rational purchasing decisions. There are cameras in its price range that will give you better image quality, and there are cheaper cameras — even from Fujifilm — that offer more features.

True! Much to my horror, I dropped the demo, and turns out I was more shook up about the damage than the X-Pro2. Does it quirks and personality, also toughness, make up for camera with better imagery? Depends on what you want to do. The premium paid for the X-Pro2 is the viewfinder.

The biggest selling point for the X-Pro2, however, is its viewfinder. Like the X-Pro1 and X100 series of fixed-lens cameras, the “hybrid” unit lets you switch between an electronic and optical viewfinder with the flick of a lever. The EVF displays what’s coming through the lens and how the sensor is exposing it, making it the more useful option for critical work. The OVF, meanwhile, is a little offset from the angle of the lens, so you don’t quite see exactly what the camera will capture; instead, the viewfinder superimposes bright frame lines to give an indication of your lens’ field of view.

I got the best frames and results when I switched the “hybrid” viewfinder to OVF with the tiny EVF set to focus peaking, combined with the focus stick, putting it in manual and taking the time to compose the shot, and then “working the dials.”  That’s what, “Street shooters, the documentarians, the artists — anyone for whom the process of taking the photo can be as important as the result do.” And, why the Verge thinks the X-Pro2 exists. Also why it’s Sam Byford’s favorite digital camera.

Ballard Locks

Ballard Locks and a fav frame

As a street shooter too, I understand the aesthetic, but also desire a camera that demands less of my attention, when I’m multitasking. That one time thought, I was relaxing on a deck, composing a sunset shot waiting for the boat above, and a waiter walked into the frame….


TheX-Pro2 ships from Amazon for free with Prime and costs $1699.00

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